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Domestic Wiretapping Program Declared Unconstitutional

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The title says it all. Go read about it over at Now all we have to do is hope it doesn’t get overturned on appeal – a pipe dream I’m sure, but PVC is cheap.


20k Down, More to Go

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Just rolled over 20k miles on my car this morning; 20,020 as it sits in the parking lot now. Bought the thing in December. Hope it’s really as reliable as it’s supposed to be, because at this rate I’ll have ~120k on it by the time it’s paid off (presuming we don’t pay it off quicker).


Competition at Work

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Just had a wonderful customer service experience this afternoon (who knew, they do exist!)

We need cable and internet for the new apartment (ok, we don’t need it, but it’s in the budget anyway). We’ve also decided that having a landline would be nice, for those no-service moments at least, and they’re practically free through the cable companies anyway (when you already have cable/internet). My current service is with RCN, and I’m paying ~$85/mo for Extended Cable and 7Mb Internet service.

So, I call up Comcast, and sign up for their Triple Play Bundle, with an HD cable box, for $107/mo + $30 to install (for 12 months, of course). Service agent seemed a bit dismayed when I suggested I was shopping around, and comparing to RCN’s similar bundle, but was agreeable enough.

So now I call up RCN to cancel. After 20 minutes holding for a retention rep, a very nice young lady comes on the line. I tell her that I’m moving, and I’d like to cancel my service because I’m signing up for Comcast. I’d even love to take RCN’s bundle, but alas, I’m not a new customer; it is not for me. She very politely asks me to hold on a sec while she preforms some magic, and comes back with a retention offer: My current cable/internet service, plus phone and a HD cable box, for $80/mo (for 12 months). No install fee either, since it’s just an account transfer.

I luck out because there are two cable providers in my area. I made a deal that will save me ~$270 + taxes over the next 12 months; not bad for less than an hour’s work.

Yaay for competition!


Sometimes I Even Amaze Myself

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Matt: dammit, i’m going to fly in like 3 months. i wonder what else is going to be banned by then
me: breathing
Matt: at some point they’re going to figure out how to make explosive fabrics
then we’re all going to have to fly naked
me: uh, I can already do that today
Matt: haha
me: it’s called guncotton
soak cotton in nitric acid, and there you go
Matt: well then the cops in austria or something are going to uncover a plot to take down a plane with explosive pants and we’re all going to have to fly naked
it’s gonna be awesome.
me: not in america, no
Matt: heh
me: but maybe in some country with a smaller % of fat people it’ll be cooler
Matt: haha
me: as long as the stewardesses are hot I’m in
Matt: haha


Go away for a week…

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…and now MacBooks Powerbooks are exploding.

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