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Jared, Bioligist Extrodinare

I’m a Research Associate doing Product Development at a small Biotech company outside of Boston, MA. My work mostly involves Molecular Biology, with much of the Microbiology that goes along (i.e. growing E. Coli and Yeast). My previous work was very Biochemistry heavy, all involving intracellular signalling. Lots of Immunoprecipitation and immunohistochemsitry. I am not currently job hunting but anyone interested in my resume can check out my resume page.

I’ve lived in MA all my life. Went to highschool in my hometown ~30min west of boston, went to UMass/Amherst even. I now live ~10min outside of Boston.

I like Biology, technology, the Red Sox, the Patriots, video games, and fooling around with computers. I’ll probably write a bunch about those things. I also pay attention to politics a bit (although I hate the politics in this country right now), and so I’ll probably bitch about that. Consumer rights and personal privacy are also right up my alley.


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