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Privacy and Check Cashing

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The Consumerist has a post up on yet another terrifying invasion of our privacy:

BofA Throws Out Customer Who Refuses To Give Thumbprint

Are we really to this point? There were actually comments on this post saying, “If you’re not a terrorist/criminal, you have nothing to fear.” We’re really at that point?

To anyone who is ignorant enough to think this, I ask a few questions (and could probably go on all day):

  • Do you have shades or shutters on your windows? Why?
  • Do you send all of your mail as postcards?
  • Do you tell strangers on the street what you do in the bedroom?

If you don’t see the point these questions are getting at, I feel sorry for you. I should not have to fight for my privacy (except in the sense that we must fight the decay of freedom constantly); you, and everyone else, should have to fight to invade it.



Domestic Wiretapping Program Declared Unconstitutional

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The title says it all. Go read about it over at Now all we have to do is hope it doesn’t get overturned on appeal – a pipe dream I’m sure, but PVC is cheap.


Yaay for Big Brother!

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Why do we need to waste buckets of tax money on spying on ourselves?


Reporting News = Treason?

Filed under: Politics, Security, Terrorism — Jared @ 7:32 am

I just read this post over on Consumerist, and I can’t help but feeling shocked. I know that the Republicans are kinda crazy, but to call reporting on a “perfectly legal” (their words) program treason? I think I have a right to know when the government is spying on me, terrorists be damned. Every time, I will chose fear of terrorists over fear of my own government.

Do people really not get it? The terrorists ASSUME they are being spied on. They know that we’re tapping thier phones. They know that we have their financial records. What makes them terrorists is the fact that they don’t care. The training to deal with that (encrypted VOIP anyone?) probably helps too.

I’m not trying to belittle our effort to catch terrorists; it really is an important mission. But it’s not a war. We’ve had two “wars” (and I use the term loosely) since Bush came into power: Afghanistan and Iraq. That’s it. And really, although there are still rebels killing our soldiers every day, those wars are technically over. We are not in wartime. Additionally, I will not surrender my right to know what the government is up to, and especially not my right to free speech, just because the government thinks they can foolishly call fighting terrorism a war. The reporters who have blown the cover off of these illegitimate programs are heroes, and deserve recognition as such (I’m thinking Congressional Medal of Honor or something like that).

You want to win the war on terror? Stop pissing them off. Craft a foreign policy that is mildly responsible. Keep to ourselves when it comes to Middle Eastern affairs. They’ll find someone else to bomb if we don’t keep poking the hornets nest.


Forget Voting…

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..because it seems to create messes like this, and it only keeps getting messier. It is a terrible day when I'm WAY more afraid of my own government than I am of the terrorists it claims it is hunting.


Our Government…

Filed under: Politics, Security, Terrorism, Useful Databases — Jared @ 3:39 pm

continues to horrify me almost every day.



Filed under: Politics, Security, Terrorism — Jared @ 8:52 am

This sounds promising to me:

Edwards told the FCC's lawyer that his arguments were "gobbledygook" and "nonsense."

 We can only hope that the judges all see reason. One judge of a three judge panel taking a swing like that is nice, but I can only hope the silent one is thinking in thier head how stupid the government is. Legal citizens may use VOIP systems with back doors in them, but terrorists won't. They'll just latch onto OSS systems with no back doors in thier encryption. 

Our Government…

Filed under: Politics, Security, Terrorism — Jared @ 8:39 am

… is positively frightening.


Next Stop, Iran

Filed under: Politics, Security, Terrorism — Jared @ 10:32 am

Thanks Matt. You've made me officially afraid. I don't read the news specifically cause I don't want to read about crap like this. If this isn't a late April Fools Day joke (and I'm sure it isn't), I'm not sure what to say about the stupidity of our government. I understand that invading Iran is almost an eventuality at this point. I understand that we will sacrifice yet more young lives on the altar of Freedom. I just worry that we aren't making anyone any free-er than when we started (no wait, I'm sure we're not). And I'm less concerned about the rest of the world trusting us; we already dug our grave over that. I'm worried that the next generation of kids won't trust us, and won't sign up for the Army. Who want's to serve a country that just betrays them? Then get ready for a poor people draft. Rich people sure as hell don't go to war.

Good thing I've got a heart condition. And a thyroid condition. And ADD. I might be flat-footed too.


Libby flips on Bush?

Filed under: Politics, Security, Terrorism — Jared @ 7:39 am – Court documents: Libby testified that Bush OK'd intelligence leak – Apr 6, 2006

I'm afraid this isn't quite as cool as they were making it out on the radio this morning. Seems Libby testified that Cheney said the Pres gave the OK. This is still good, as maybe it'll pull Cheney down, but not nearly as cool as I thought. Oh well.

On the other hand, maybe just the fact that it's being reported as it is is good. Look at that CNN headline; makes it sound like Libby got the OK from Bush. I'll take that; it sounds good at least.

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