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During Work too…

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Does everyone have conversations like this?

Matt: “Yahoo!/AOL Merger Implications for Google”
wtf did i sleep through?
me: hehh
I know I read something about a yahoo/AOL merger
Matt: it’s just talk at this point though, right?
me: I think I thought it was a joke, or speculation
but I dunno
Matt: i think it’s speculation, but not a joke
me: I don’t see it as meaning much; I mean, crap + crap = still crap, so I don’t know how this will help either
Matt: yeah
two floundering companies put together doesn’t really seem like a recipe for success
me: it’s like a cinder block and an anchor tying themselves together in an attempt to float
Matt: haha
then again, it could be a deflated inner tube and a hand pump tying themselves together trying to float :\



Privacy and Check Cashing

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The Consumerist has a post up on yet another terrifying invasion of our privacy:

BofA Throws Out Customer Who Refuses To Give Thumbprint

Are we really to this point? There were actually comments on this post saying, “If you’re not a terrorist/criminal, you have nothing to fear.” We’re really at that point?

To anyone who is ignorant enough to think this, I ask a few questions (and could probably go on all day):

  • Do you have shades or shutters on your windows? Why?
  • Do you send all of your mail as postcards?
  • Do you tell strangers on the street what you do in the bedroom?

If you don’t see the point these questions are getting at, I feel sorry for you. I should not have to fight for my privacy (except in the sense that we must fight the decay of freedom constantly); you, and everyone else, should have to fight to invade it.



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Chocobo Plushie On Street


Squirrel Day

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Apparently it’s squirrel day, and no one told me; from the giz:

Squirrel-Proof Rollerfeeder: This Is a Birds-Only Club


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BBC: Russian squirrel pack ‘kills dog’

Run, before they eat us all!

Seriously, going to school at UMass, I always knew this day would come.

This is the true apocalypse.


Turn them brown?

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Just beautiful. I wish I was this witty:

Jobs: How about you take one of those white Zunes and you turn it brown, Doug.

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