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Hate and Love

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I started reading Violent Acres this weekend, and am not afraid to admit it; she’s funny, and much of what she writes rings true. She posted yesterday on not being afraid to be hated, and I thought it was pretty interesting (hence sharing the links with all -3 readers I have). I thought it was interesting, and worth a read. I will say though, for those of us who have day jobs, and for whatever reason (be it fear or requirement) have to interact with the world of posers out there, discretion is the better part of valor – you can’t be your real self at the office. Work life is incompatible with it; I know I would be fired pretty rapidly if I let everyone know how I feel about everything at every given point in time. To me, it’s how you are in your personal life that counts – with your friends and family. I don’t WANT to be friends with everyone, and so with most people a superficial “friendship” is fine. But with the people close to me, I try to be as open as I can be. For me, my blog is somewhere in the middle; it’s mostly about inane stuff, and I think I’ve been open about my feelings on some things. But I leave much unsaid, because it is not private, and not restricted to friends and family: anyone can google it (currently #19).

I suppose this post wasn’t really going anywhere; mostly a thought-dump. More later, should I not feel the need to self-censor (or should I not be lazy).



During Work too…

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Does everyone have conversations like this?

Matt: “Yahoo!/AOL Merger Implications for Google”
wtf did i sleep through?
me: hehh
I know I read something about a yahoo/AOL merger
Matt: it’s just talk at this point though, right?
me: I think I thought it was a joke, or speculation
but I dunno
Matt: i think it’s speculation, but not a joke
me: I don’t see it as meaning much; I mean, crap + crap = still crap, so I don’t know how this will help either
Matt: yeah
two floundering companies put together doesn’t really seem like a recipe for success
me: it’s like a cinder block and an anchor tying themselves together in an attempt to float
Matt: haha
then again, it could be a deflated inner tube and a hand pump tying themselves together trying to float :\



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Chocobo Plushie On Street


Turn them brown?

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Just beautiful. I wish I was this witty:

Jobs: How about you take one of those white Zunes and you turn it brown, Doug.


Construction Accident

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This has got to hurt in a way none of us can imagine:

Austrian nails testicle to roof


Crash Safety Devices

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The odd things one finds surfing the internet:

Breast implants save car-crash Bulgarian

And just for good measure (nsfw):

German police hunt runaway breast implant patient


20k Down, More to Go

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Just rolled over 20k miles on my car this morning; 20,020 as it sits in the parking lot now. Bought the thing in December. Hope it’s really as reliable as it’s supposed to be, because at this rate I’ll have ~120k on it by the time it’s paid off (presuming we don’t pay it off quicker).


Sometimes I Even Amaze Myself

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Matt: dammit, i’m going to fly in like 3 months. i wonder what else is going to be banned by then
me: breathing
Matt: at some point they’re going to figure out how to make explosive fabrics
then we’re all going to have to fly naked
me: uh, I can already do that today
Matt: haha
me: it’s called guncotton
soak cotton in nitric acid, and there you go
Matt: well then the cops in austria or something are going to uncover a plot to take down a plane with explosive pants and we’re all going to have to fly naked
it’s gonna be awesome.
me: not in america, no
Matt: heh
me: but maybe in some country with a smaller % of fat people it’ll be cooler
Matt: haha
me: as long as the stewardesses are hot I’m in
Matt: haha


26, here I come

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Happy birthday to me ^_^

Another year older, and another chance for the RMV to steal $40 from me. 


Wisdom Teeth

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Had mine out today. Aside from a little groggyness (which I attribute to the IV anesthesia and the painkiller I took earlier) and a very mild amount of swelling (so far), I'm not so sure what the big deal is. Sutures are annoying though, and the wounds continue to bleed 9 hours later. Had all 4 out too.

Kinda expecting to wake up tomorrow and have my head be the size of a large pumpkin. This has been too easy so far…

<Update 6/5/06 – 7:16 AM> Awake at this point in the expectation that I was going to work. I think I was wrong in that expectation: I'm waaay puffier and in more pain at this point than I was for the first few days. Didn't sleep well either. Oh well, I didn't really want to go to work anyway. 

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