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Yeast Culture

Filed under: Work — Jared @ 9:17 am

Something that should have been obvious, and yet wasn't: Large yeast culture smells like bread. Or beer, according to one of my co-workers. Yum!



Daylight Savings Time

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I just wanted to get an early jump on DST, and bitch about how much I hate it. If you haven't done so, go read the Wikipedia article on it; it was pretty educating for me. Made me hate it more actually. I don't believe in the energy savings, but if they really exist, fine; do DST all year round. My sleep patterns are already bad enough, I really can't afford to lose an hour.

Heart-friendly Bacon?

Filed under: Genetics, Patents, Spam — Jared @ 6:53 am

This snipit from /. is something I can get behind. I like the idea of bacon that makes my heart healthier, as it's an excuse to eat more.

Plus, even better, this is the kind of thing that I can get behind patenting, depending on how they word thier patent. They don't get to patent the C. elegans gene in my mind, but they do get to patent the modification in the pig. Oh well, I'm sure they patented the gene itself, and that some drone at the patent office will just stamp it and throw it in the "approved" pile.


Justice for the Spammed

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Spitzer Sues, Spinners of Spam Dreams – Consumerist

As usual, The Consumerist comes to the rescue. An article for me to read this afternoon!

This kind of news is just wonderful. I love to hear about companies getting nailed to the wall for misbehaving, and trying to fine them billions of dollars is even better. If more companies got slammed with gigantic fines for betraying their customer’s trust (think Choicepoint, or OfficeMax more recently), companies would NEVER let this happen. The only reason it happens is because there is no financial incentive for them to protect us, and all companies care about is money. It costs money to protect us, so therefore, they will not unless it costs MANY times more when we are betrayed.

Now if only ol’ Elliot’d go after the cell phone companies, and their bullshit 2-year contracts…

Customer Service

Filed under: Customer Service — Jared @ 3:40 pm

How Can I Put Off Helping You Today?

How do companies stay in buisness with customer service this terrible? Every time I read some horror story like this, I’m totally flabbergasted. Then again, it’s how my service providers treat me. Do they think we’ll take this shit forever?

I’ll get the pitchforks and torches. We take Sprint first, then we can go after the rest.


Southpark vs. Scientology

Filed under: Cults, Southpark — Jared @ 12:53 pm

If you missed Southpark last night, figure out when it airs next and watch it. If you have to, you can grab a copy from me (bring a CDR, will probably be ~400mb). One of the funniest episodes they’ve done, period.

How do you top last season’s conclusion, where they totally trashed Scientology? Trash it again, even harder. Priceless.

Schneier on Security: Airport Passenger Screening

Filed under: Security, Terrorism — Jared @ 12:48 pm

Schneier on Security: Airport Passenger Screening

I love that the Consumerist always has good lunch-time reading. Go read that. I agree. Now then, can I please leave my shoes on when I go through airport security?


Pretty Lappy

Filed under: Computers — Jared @ 1:00 pm

Samsung’s newly announced Core Duo laptop is very sexy. Small, light, good battery life. Me Want.

Oh Apple, when will you give me an iBook of this side, and with at least some Core Single goodness?

Patent foolishness

Filed under: Patents — Jared @ 12:03 pm

This is total foolishness, so I don’t think I’ll say much. It has been addressed in a number of places. If the Supreme Court does not fix this, we are in for some bad times ahead. Things are already bad enough.

This issue is simple. Patents are for inventions. If you didn’t invent it, but happened to notice it (i.e. the Human Genome), it shoudln’t be patentable. Period.


Filed under: Patriots, Sports — Jared @ 11:54 am

Et tu, Vinatieri?

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