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Patent foolishness

Filed under: Patents — Jared @ 12:03 pm

This is total foolishness, so I don’t think I’ll say much. It has been addressed in a number of places. If the Supreme Court does not fix this, we are in for some bad times ahead. Things are already bad enough.

This issue is simple. Patents are for inventions. If you didn’t invent it, but happened to notice it (i.e. the Human Genome), it shoudln’t be patentable. Period.



  1. let’s patent our genomes and take the wages of our offspring. WOOT!

    Comment by laura — 06/03/22 @ 12:06 pm

  2. Sorry, reproduction is patented also. If we want to have children, we’re going to have to pay royalties first.

    Comment by desonos — 06/03/22 @ 12:08 pm

  3. The patent system is a complete disaster – everybody knows that. But a complete overhaul is never going to happen since forcibly taking patents away left and right is going to cause chaos, and the ensuing fallout will diminish Dick Cheney’s bank account by a good 2-3%.

    Here’s my idea: if you sue somebody for patent infringement by a product that’s already on the market (or that has been on the market for X months, or whatever), and a settlement cannot be reached, there should be a mandatory “forced settlement” based on some percentage of revenues the product brings in. Once somebody’s gotten something on the market, a patent should not be able to force them to take it off (but the forced settlement should be a huge percentage of the revenue).

    Comment by Matt Spong — 06/03/23 @ 10:36 am

  4. Yeah, maybe. But I’m not even looking for an overhaul of what’s already patented; fuck it, I’ll grandfather them in and let the courts handle it with the new laws we put in place as to what a patent actually is.

    From now on though, we should have the patent office actually read the patent applications, and mull it over before they stamp it. And no, the mutation that causes Diabeties should NOT BE PATENTABLE! Someone found it, they did not invent it.

    Basically, if we just put into law that indeed, you cannot patent things like the gene for blue eye color, then non-profit groups will start working to get the bullshit patents overturned. So for me, it seems easy: make the laws right, make the patent office get their heads out of their asses, and let the courts handle the rest.

    Comment by desonos — 06/03/23 @ 11:19 am

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