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Justice for the Spammed

Filed under: Spam — Jared @ 4:33 pm

Spitzer Sues, Spinners of Spam Dreams – Consumerist

As usual, The Consumerist comes to the rescue. An article for me to read this afternoon!

This kind of news is just wonderful. I love to hear about companies getting nailed to the wall for misbehaving, and trying to fine them billions of dollars is even better. If more companies got slammed with gigantic fines for betraying their customer’s trust (think Choicepoint, or OfficeMax more recently), companies would NEVER let this happen. The only reason it happens is because there is no financial incentive for them to protect us, and all companies care about is money. It costs money to protect us, so therefore, they will not unless it costs MANY times more when we are betrayed.

Now if only ol’ Elliot’d go after the cell phone companies, and their bullshit 2-year contracts…


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