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Totally Shocked

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I think the kitty was a little surprised by this shot. Photoblogging by mobile could be a little interesting.



Hunter, given more brushing

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Stupid Gaming Bills

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And I thought Massachusetts was smarter than this… Jack Thompson’s wishes have constantly failed to pass constitutional muster, why would Massachusetts be any different? Aren’t we supposed to be a liberal state?

Massachusetts tries Jack Thompson’s failed Utah game bill


Obeying the Speed Limit

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This might work… I’m thinking I wouldn’t be able to help but slow down a little, at least at first.



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I just want to say that, in terms of it’s humor, language on the internet is a funny thing.


Go Skype!

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Skype to FCC: open up those cellular networks, please



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I’ve been meaning to post this one:

Toll Roads

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I’d pay tolls on Rt. 95 to have traffic suck less; I love finding economists that I actually agree with:

Free roads are anything but free


History of Money

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Just read an interesting piece on the history of money (via GetRichSlowly). I especially like this little tidbit (from the end of the article)

The modern wisdom that a small rate of inflation29 is part of a healthy economy comes down to the need to make our silver behave a little more like barley.

Not trying to argue on the wisdom of economics (gotta finish reading Matt’s economics book before I even bother), but this was an interesting read.


Hate and Love

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I started reading Violent Acres this weekend, and am not afraid to admit it; she’s funny, and much of what she writes rings true. She posted yesterday on not being afraid to be hated, and I thought it was pretty interesting (hence sharing the links with all -3 readers I have). I thought it was interesting, and worth a read. I will say though, for those of us who have day jobs, and for whatever reason (be it fear or requirement) have to interact with the world of posers out there, discretion is the better part of valor – you can’t be your real self at the office. Work life is incompatible with it; I know I would be fired pretty rapidly if I let everyone know how I feel about everything at every given point in time. To me, it’s how you are in your personal life that counts – with your friends and family. I don’t WANT to be friends with everyone, and so with most people a superficial “friendship” is fine. But with the people close to me, I try to be as open as I can be. For me, my blog is somewhere in the middle; it’s mostly about inane stuff, and I think I’ve been open about my feelings on some things. But I leave much unsaid, because it is not private, and not restricted to friends and family: anyone can google it (currently #19).

I suppose this post wasn’t really going anywhere; mostly a thought-dump. More later, should I not feel the need to self-censor (or should I not be lazy).

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