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History of Money

Filed under: Economics, Informational — Jared @ 2:53 pm

Just read an interesting piece on the history of money (via GetRichSlowly). I especially like this little tidbit (from the end of the article)

The modern wisdom that a small rate of inflation29 is part of a healthy economy comes down to the need to make our silver behave a little more like barley.

Not trying to argue on the wisdom of economics (gotta finish reading Matt’s economics book before I even bother), but this was an interesting read.



Stupid Bosses

Filed under: Informational, Work — Jared @ 7:02 am

I can happily say that this doesn't apply to me, but I just read a pretty good blog entry on handling dumb bosses. It's aimed at dumb IT managers, but I think it's true of all professions: when you have a stupid boss (and everyone will at some point) it's better in the long run to make them a good boss. Everyone wins that way.


BlogZot – SubEthaEdit

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<Corporate Shilling>

BLOGZOT 2.0 on is helping give away 3000 copies of SubEthaEdit from CodingMonkeys. MacZOT and TheCodingMonkeys will award $105,000 in Mac software to Mac fans all over if enough people blog about them. Free advertising an all, I can dig it. I want a free copy of SubEthaEdit, so I'm more than willing to whore myself out a little bit.

Seriously though, SubEthaEdit is pretty bad-assed. It's a very well done colaberative text editing program. Go blog about this and submit it to MacZOT, so that it can be free. That is all.

</Corporate Shilling>


Yet another good database, care of Consumerist.


Filed under: Customer Service, Informational — Jared @ 2:31 pm

That site is plain genius. I love that people are taking the time to figure out how to get actual humans on the phone; nothing pisses me off more when I'm having a problem with a product than to get a robot on the other end of the phone when I call support.

The only thing that would be better is companies volunteering this info. Fat chance though, eh? 


First Post

Filed under: Informational — Jared @ 10:54 am

Well, I have continually resisted this whole blogging thing, and I’m not sure I’ll keep up with it. But, well, everyone else is doing it, and I’m a sheep. Like half of the other blogs on the planet, I’m more than likely going to spend most of my time linking to other blogs and saying things like “wtf?” about them. But there also might be some new thoughts, all my own. We’ll see.

I tried keeping a journal once, and that lasted about a week. I don’t feel the need to bare my soul; I’m too boring for that. I will more than likely spend most of my time bitching about politics and stupid tech like DRM, or prasing some shiny piece of new tech that I lust after. It’s boring, but it’s what interests me.

I’ll probably also talk a little bit about my work, although in very vauge terms. I don’t want my ideas to become linked to my company, as I don’t represent them. About all I’ll say is that we’re focused on Molecular Biology tech. Nuff said.

Well, maybe I’ll keep up with this. If I do, hurrah! If anyone reads it, I’ll be surprised. If anyone other than a friend or two reads it, I’ll probably die of a heart attack. Either way, welcome.

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