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Patent Obviousness

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Apparently the Supreme Court is going to hear a case involoving the application of “obviousness” to patents (i.e. the idea is an obvious combination of two previously known things, and is therefore unpatentable). Go read the blurb on Ars.

I can’t be happier that they’re going to hear such a case, and I pray that they find properly. My real hope is that this will have a dramatic effect on biotechnology, and invalidate some of the dumber patents out there.


Crappy Text-Editing

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I’m really starting to hate WordPress’ text editor. It can at times be mildy slick, but it has a very nasty habit of butchering the use <p> and <br> tags by using them interchangeably. I suppose this wouldn’t bother me too much, but no matter how many carriage returns I put after a paragraph, it only seems to insert one <br>, mangling my post. Why can’t the text editor not suck? Or just let me enter it in raw HTML without opening up a new little floaty window?

Reporting News = Treason?

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I just read this post over on Consumerist, and I can’t help but feeling shocked. I know that the Republicans are kinda crazy, but to call reporting on a “perfectly legal” (their words) program treason? I think I have a right to know when the government is spying on me, terrorists be damned. Every time, I will chose fear of terrorists over fear of my own government.

Do people really not get it? The terrorists ASSUME they are being spied on. They know that we’re tapping thier phones. They know that we have their financial records. What makes them terrorists is the fact that they don’t care. The training to deal with that (encrypted VOIP anyone?) probably helps too.

I’m not trying to belittle our effort to catch terrorists; it really is an important mission. But it’s not a war. We’ve had two “wars” (and I use the term loosely) since Bush came into power: Afghanistan and Iraq. That’s it. And really, although there are still rebels killing our soldiers every day, those wars are technically over. We are not in wartime. Additionally, I will not surrender my right to know what the government is up to, and especially not my right to free speech, just because the government thinks they can foolishly call fighting terrorism a war. The reporters who have blown the cover off of these illegitimate programs are heroes, and deserve recognition as such (I’m thinking Congressional Medal of Honor or something like that).

You want to win the war on terror? Stop pissing them off. Craft a foreign policy that is mildly responsible. Keep to ourselves when it comes to Middle Eastern affairs. They’ll find someone else to bomb if we don’t keep poking the hornets nest.


Firey Portables

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Not a good day for Dell laptops…

Dell Laptop Explodes in Flames

Boring Dell Laptop Story Turns into Inferno


Computer Pr0n

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Dicota Link

The above device is from a blurb on Engadget (picture linked straight off their page in totally bad form; oh well, I have no server of my own and I have almost no traffic). Neat idea actually, but I can't help thinking it's the computer's version of a double-ended dildo.


Our Dear President

Filed under: Politics — Jared @ 11:09 am

One of my co-workers pointed me at this. Can't say I'm surprised; yet another news day for our dear leader.

Then he was told a reporter he playfully teased about wearing sunglasses during the press conference has a serious vision problem and is legally blind.

By the end of the day, the exchange had merited a presidential apology. The reporter, Peter Wallsten of the Los Angeles Times, said he bears no grudges and accepted the president's apology quickly.

"Clearly the president has more important things to worry about," Wallsten said.

This man is a member of the press core, and our president was never informed he is legally blind? Oh well, I guess I believe it. Doesn't mean I'm not going to laugh about it though.

Macbook Pro Batteries

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If you find that your Macbook Pro's battery looks like this, back away slowly, and if it doesn't explode, return it.

That's two I've read about this week. This could be bad, if there's a real problem. 



Filed under: Consumer Activism, Electronics — Jared @ 2:39 pm

Must suck to have your mom called on you when you scam someone on e-bay. That story kicks ass.

Multicasting and “Must-Carry”

Filed under: Politics — Jared @ 2:07 pm

More bitching from the telecomuncation companies that don't want the big hand of government coming down on them. My first thought is "If the government is going to tap my phones without any legal oversight, then they can damn well clamp down on cable companies".

The more reasonable thoughts that follow demand that they STFU.  Unless I'm mistaken, they like the telecom companies have recieved giant subsidies to bring their lines out to the various hickvilles of the country (including my old home town). They get financial help putting the lines down and exclusive, long-lived contracts to ensure they can recoup their investments. This means that the lines are part ours (us being the citizens), and we can make them carry whatever we damn well want. They can't have their cake and eat it too; they already took the money, so they need to behave like a monopoly-style utility and shut up.

I sense this is going to continue to aggrivate me for some time… 


26, here I come

Filed under: Personal — Jared @ 1:11 pm

Happy birthday to me ^_^

Another year older, and another chance for the RMV to steal $40 from me. 

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