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The Diamond Invention

Filed under: Cults, Economics, Politics — Jared @ 1:39 pm

Interesting read. I haven't read all of it yet, and I knew that there was a lot of sketchyness around diamonds, but it's definately interesting to read about.



Short Version…

Filed under: Personal — Jared @ 9:27 pm

…it's official. I asked, and Laura said yes. I'm not sure I could do a better job, so go read her version.


More Thought Questions

Filed under: Politics, Questions — Jared @ 11:30 am

I think I might pose a semi-rhetorical thought quesiton(s) regularly; I got an interesting answer from Matt on my last one. Here is the question for today:

Why is it that in most states the state Congress is responsible for redrawing congressional district lines? Who came up with that idea? Did they not see the inherently corrupt nature of such an arrangement? 


Forget Voting…

Filed under: Politics, Security, Terrorism — Jared @ 11:08 am

..because it seems to create messes like this, and it only keeps getting messier. It is a terrible day when I'm WAY more afraid of my own government than I am of the terrorists it claims it is hunting.


Thought Question

Filed under: Personal, Politics — Jared @ 9:31 am

Who exactly are those of us who are socially liberal, but fiscially conservative (semi-conservative really, but probably not in the traditional sense anyway) supposed to vote for?


Wedding Weekend

Filed under: Personal — Jared @ 7:11 pm

We went to Laura's brother's wedding today; just got back. Was certianly an interesting event, and enlightening too. Laura and I got a good picture of some of the things we do and don't want to do. I had fun, although I am definately wiped out at this point.

We spent last night up here in NH, and we will spend tonight here too. I can't say that this has exactly been a "restful" weekend so far (weddings just aren't), it's been a good one. We'll do our visiting of peoples tonight and make the long drive home tomorrow.

Oh well; guess I can sleep next weekend ^_^ 


Stupid Bosses

Filed under: Informational, Work — Jared @ 7:02 am

I can happily say that this doesn't apply to me, but I just read a pretty good blog entry on handling dumb bosses. It's aimed at dumb IT managers, but I think it's true of all professions: when you have a stupid boss (and everyone will at some point) it's better in the long run to make them a good boss. Everyone wins that way.


Exciting FCC Approval

Filed under: Electronics — Jared @ 7:37 pm

Previously: Nokia N93

Ooh, this could potentially decide what carrier I want to go with for me. Very tasty.


Our Government…

Filed under: Politics, Security, Terrorism, Useful Databases — Jared @ 3:39 pm

continues to horrify me almost every day.

Nintendo Wii

Filed under: Cults, Electronics — Jared @ 2:58 pm

With all the info coming in from E3 about the Wii (you can start here and here at Engadget), it's looking more and more like I may end up a Nintendo fan again, 20 years later…

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