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The Last Funny “Your Mom” Joke

Filed under: Copyright — Jared @ 10:05 pm

Apparently, by putting this image on my blog, the ESA might send me a takedown letter. It worked for Kotaku, so why not me? It’d be neat to get a letter from an ESA lawyer – maybe it’d make me famous!

Earlier this week the Entertainment Software Association sicced their lawyers on us. Demanding that we take down the post about the shirt, calling it an advertisement and saying that the shirt would create consumer confusion and a “substantial likelihood that the ESRB certification marks will face tarnishment and dilution.”

OK, so they were confused. So we wrote back to point out that the post was in fact editorial content and not an ad and that we have nothing to do with the shirt. Problem solved.


The ESA responded demanding that we remove the post, image and links and prove we had done sone within three days.

Our response: Go to hell. Sure, it was much more eloquently stated, but the fact is that the ESA can’t control editorial content of a website. As a matter of fact, they probably can’t stop the shirt seller either, since the creation is so obviously a parody.

Yaay for scare tactics! Next time though, they should try to have at least a toe or two to stand on.


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