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Filed under: Personal — Jared @ 1:01 pm

Does everyone have conversations like this?

Matt: “Yahoo!/AOL Merger Implications for Google”
wtf did i sleep through?
me: hehh
I know I read something about a yahoo/AOL merger
Matt: it’s just talk at this point though, right?
me: I think I thought it was a joke, or speculation
but I dunno
Matt: i think it’s speculation, but not a joke
me: I don’t see it as meaning much; I mean, crap + crap = still crap, so I don’t know how this will help either
Matt: yeah
two floundering companies put together doesn’t really seem like a recipe for success
me: it’s like a cinder block and an anchor tying themselves together in an attempt to float
Matt: haha
then again, it could be a deflated inner tube and a hand pump tying themselves together trying to float :\


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