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Reporting News = Treason?

Filed under: Politics, Security, Terrorism — Jared @ 7:32 am

I just read this post over on Consumerist, and I can’t help but feeling shocked. I know that the Republicans are kinda crazy, but to call reporting on a “perfectly legal” (their words) program treason? I think I have a right to know when the government is spying on me, terrorists be damned. Every time, I will chose fear of terrorists over fear of my own government.

Do people really not get it? The terrorists ASSUME they are being spied on. They know that we’re tapping thier phones. They know that we have their financial records. What makes them terrorists is the fact that they don’t care. The training to deal with that (encrypted VOIP anyone?) probably helps too.

I’m not trying to belittle our effort to catch terrorists; it really is an important mission. But it’s not a war. We’ve had two “wars” (and I use the term loosely) since Bush came into power: Afghanistan and Iraq. That’s it. And really, although there are still rebels killing our soldiers every day, those wars are technically over. We are not in wartime. Additionally, I will not surrender my right to know what the government is up to, and especially not my right to free speech, just because the government thinks they can foolishly call fighting terrorism a war. The reporters who have blown the cover off of these illegitimate programs are heroes, and deserve recognition as such (I’m thinking Congressional Medal of Honor or something like that).

You want to win the war on terror? Stop pissing them off. Craft a foreign policy that is mildly responsible. Keep to ourselves when it comes to Middle Eastern affairs. They’ll find someone else to bomb if we don’t keep poking the hornets nest.



  1. What’s even worse is the data mining of bank records thing that just came to light in the past few days. Bush called it a “travesty”… not the plan itself, but the fact that it was leaked.

    God damn, politicians suck ass.

    Comment by Matt Spong — 06/06/27 @ 9:30 am

  2. Yeah, that’s what the article was talking about, is the bank record trolling. They’ve said that reporting on any of this is treason. Assholes.

    As an aside, my understanding of the bank record thing is that it is less data mining (although they could be doing that too), and more that they can just ask this company (Swift) for the records of any person they suspect. I get the impression that they’re just not bothering with due process, not that that isn’t something to worry about.

    Comment by Jared — 06/06/27 @ 11:26 am

  3. This is just a scare tactic by the government to try and keep the media at bay. If the american government is doing something illegal then the american people have a right to know about it. Without reliable media coverage the government can run rampant without fear of public sentiment.

    Comment by Scott C. — 06/07/11 @ 1:13 pm

  4. Yeah, it’s definately a scare tactic. And even if they aren’t doing something illegal, I want to know when they’re spying on me. Or at least, how they are spying on me, even if I’m not currently a target.

    Comment by Jared — 06/07/12 @ 7:56 am

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