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Crappy Text-Editing

Filed under: Questions — Jared @ 7:36 am

I’m really starting to hate WordPress’ text editor. It can at times be mildy slick, but it has a very nasty habit of butchering the use <p> and <br> tags by using them interchangeably. I suppose this wouldn’t bother me too much, but no matter how many carriage returns I put after a paragraph, it only seems to insert one <br>, mangling my post. Why can’t the text editor not suck? Or just let me enter it in raw HTML without opening up a new little floaty window?


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  1. That’s why I turned off the rich text editor and just use the plain text one (it’s in your user preferences somewhere). Yeah, you have to manually put in <b> tags and shit, but it’ll do carriage returns correctly (i.e. one carriage return gives you a <br>, two give you a closing and reopening <p> tag.

    For the most part it works just fine, but it took some work to get it to stop fucking with source code postings.

    Comment by Matt Spong — 06/06/27 @ 9:28 am

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