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Multicasting and “Must-Carry”

Filed under: Politics — Jared @ 2:07 pm

More bitching from the telecomuncation companies that don't want the big hand of government coming down on them. My first thought is "If the government is going to tap my phones without any legal oversight, then they can damn well clamp down on cable companies".

The more reasonable thoughts that follow demand that they STFU.  Unless I'm mistaken, they like the telecom companies have recieved giant subsidies to bring their lines out to the various hickvilles of the country (including my old home town). They get financial help putting the lines down and exclusive, long-lived contracts to ensure they can recoup their investments. This means that the lines are part ours (us being the citizens), and we can make them carry whatever we damn well want. They can't have their cake and eat it too; they already took the money, so they need to behave like a monopoly-style utility and shut up.

I sense this is going to continue to aggrivate me for some time… 


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