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Net Neutrality gone awry

Filed under: Consumer Activism, Politics — Jared @ 10:47 am

U.S. Rep. Charles Gonzalez (TX-D) is an ass clown. Go ahead, click the link and read it, I'll wait. All of the opponents of net neutrality miss an extremely important point: we paid the telcos an extremely large chunk of public change to lay out all of the pipes they profit from. In fact, we paid for much nicer pipes (with the set of subsidies set out in the 90's, many many billions of dollars, they were supposed to have us using 45Mb fiber by now). This does not make them normal for-profit companies: it makes them government-subsidised utilities. Or it should at least, if it doesn't. This means that they get a steady profit from us (because they are essencially monopolies, there is almost no competition in a given area), but that's all they get.

They continue to suck money from the public, and cry that they don't make enough. I'm personally getting fed up with it; if they want to be normal companies and not have to worry about things like net neutrality, fine: now you get to share all of those nifty lines you put down. We paid for them, after all. See how they all like actually having to compete for customers. 


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