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Another Poorly-Written Anti-Mac Article

Filed under: Apple, Computers, Spam — Jared @ 1:07 pm

OSNews is running the following story as a front page article: Why I Will Probably Never Buy Another Mac. My main comment is this: if you're going to write a 5 page diatribe about something with little substance, at least make it interesting to read.

Basically, it's whining about how evil Apple is. Propritary this, zealous users that. The answer to this is simple: Apple doesn't want you to buy a Mac. You aren't their target customer. They want everyone to buy there products and all, but they aim them at a specific audience: those who want to run MacOS X. I will likely never bother trying to run Linux; I tried once, couldn't get the Ethernet port to work, and promptly reformatted. I use Windows XP at home and at work, because it is what is here, and it lets me run my HTPC DVR the way I want to; the BeyondTV PVR suite is pretty good software. But for anything that I have to actually interface with the computer (read web browsing, e-mail, ect…) I prefer a Mac. If I could run OS X on my Athlon at home, I would for sure. That's why Apple marries it to their hardware, because no one would buy their hardware otherwise. So, I make a choice, like an adult, and I have a Mac.

If you don't want one, don't buy one. And stop whining about it. 


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