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Price Gouging

Filed under: Electronics — Jared @ 8:56 am

One would think that with a title like that I'm thinking of gasoline prices. I've mostly gotten over those though; just a cost of getting to work. I'm talking about the E3 announcements by Sony regarding the Playstation 3. $500-$600? I thought Microsoft was pusing it with their $400 unit. The dual-core PC I built to be my Tivo cost ~$700. What is worse is the feature list. Go ahead, click the link, I'll wait.

Back? Good. Noticed the smaller hard drive on the cheap unit I'm guessing. I'm also assuming you noticed the lack of wi-fi, memory card reader, or HDMI out too (it does help that it's in Engadget's headline).  Without a digital out, it won't be able to send anything better than a 1080i signal (fine with me, because that's what my TV will take). Worse, since the output isn't digital, it probably won't support HDCP, so in the future it'll be a brick of a Blu Ray player, when we're all sporting 4320p60 TV sets.

Note some sarcasm there – I never bought into the "1080p is the only real HD" crap. I've played progressive scanned DVD's on my TV, and I've done OTA HD, and the difference is present but minimal; 720p is fine, as is 1080i. But it just seems like this is Sony shooting itself in the foot a bit. I know it won't have a negative impact on them long-term, but still.

And $500 to get in the door? No thanks. I'll wait until the first 360 price drop (by that time hopefully there'll be a few games worth playing), and then I'll buy a copy of FF XII for my PS2 rather than buy either of the new consoles. Here's looking at you, Wii, come to my rescue. 


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