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Next Stop, Iran

Filed under: Politics, Security, Terrorism — Jared @ 10:32 am

Thanks Matt. You've made me officially afraid. I don't read the news specifically cause I don't want to read about crap like this. If this isn't a late April Fools Day joke (and I'm sure it isn't), I'm not sure what to say about the stupidity of our government. I understand that invading Iran is almost an eventuality at this point. I understand that we will sacrifice yet more young lives on the altar of Freedom. I just worry that we aren't making anyone any free-er than when we started (no wait, I'm sure we're not). And I'm less concerned about the rest of the world trusting us; we already dug our grave over that. I'm worried that the next generation of kids won't trust us, and won't sign up for the Army. Who want's to serve a country that just betrays them? Then get ready for a poor people draft. Rich people sure as hell don't go to war.

Good thing I've got a heart condition. And a thyroid condition. And ADD. I might be flat-footed too.


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