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More Fear of Bootcamp

Filed under: Apple — Jared @ 10:17 am

Another fearful op-ed about Bootcamp. Pledge not to run Windows my ass. If I buy a new Mac, it will be in part because it'll run Windows. If you want my reasons why this fear-mongering is foolish, see my earlier post, Bootcamp of Destruction.

Anyone who really thinks that dual-booting will destroy the platform is being silly. I'd take virtualization over dual booting any day – I can't wait for Vanderpool, so that I can just run both side by side. But this "The platform will die!" stuff just has to stop. If anything will kill the platform, it's OS X on DIY PC hardware; I can't wait to run it on my Athlon 64 x2 rig.


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  1. This is really silly. I have been a Mac user for over twenty years. Earlier I had to buy a Dell laptop simply because the software that I need to use, is not written for the OS X. I bought the Dell for one freekin peice of software! it would really have been nice to have purchased a mac book pro to run both pieces of software but alas, at the time, I had to buy two laptops.
    Apple did the right thing in allowing users to duak boot Intel Macs.

    Comment by HArvey — 06/04/8 @ 4:21 am

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