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Bully me, will you?

Filed under: Consumer Activism, Terrorism — Jared @ 7:17 am

If you don't already, go read The Consumerist. You owe it to yourself to keep track of some of the dumber things companies are doing at our expense.

Now, I'm not one of those that wants to ban Walmart for putting local businesses out to pasture. I think that's terrible, but it is an unfortunate part of capitalism. Walmart is even doing a wierd thing to help the businesses they destroy. Starbucks is the same thing; I think their coffee is terrible, but they are likely putting places with terrible coffee out of buisness anyway (I'm a DD man anyway). But what Starbucks is doing, with lawsuits, is terrible. Our justice system needs some repair. In situations like this, there should be some way for the victim of attack-by-lawsuit to fight back w/o money (IFPI and RIAA, I'm looking at you), because this is a tragic abuse of the justice system.

If Bush really wants to fix something, why not tackle this? Income tax reform is weak anyway.


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