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Bootcamp of Destruction

Filed under: Apple — Jared @ 10:26 am

I just read this post over at Apple Matters, and nearly laughed my ass off. The premise (and this is one that was brought up as a reason Apple wouldn't switch over to x86 in the first place) is that by allowing Windows to run on a Mac, Apple will gut its own market share by a) Converting Mac users to Windows users through this new-found dual-booting and b) Convince developers not to develop for the platform anymore, because they can just provide a link to Bootcamp.

First, dual booting sucks. I know it's a requirement for some applications (i.e. games, 3d modeling), but that doesn't make it suck less. While you've booted to Windows, you're now deprived of using OS X for basic tasks (i.e. e-mail, web surfing), for which it is much more pleasant. Second, you commit that much more of your HD to OS. I know that isn't too big a deal, but still, 10gb is 10gb. Third, putting Windows in a pretty little Mac doesn't make it suck less. And as for Vista catching up, and being a stand-up OS? I'll believe that when I see it.

As for software development, I say bollocks to that. My dad has been working on various CAD systems for years (with AutoCAD being one of them, I believe), and they're never going to make a Mac version. You know why? Because people that use CAD don't use Macs. And you won't convert them by saying that Macs are better, or even showing them how cool they are. You know why that is? Because they're not going to buy a new computer when they already have a perfectly good one on their desk, already loaded with a $3000+ video card that won't run on the Mac.

This kind of fear-mongering is silly. If I want a Mac, I'll buy a Mac. It's nice to have options, but I bought it for the OS, not just the hardware. If Apple could survive the Clones, they will be fine with this. If you want to fear something, fear the hackers that are likely at this moment hacking OS X to work on a beige box BIOS-based system.


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    I ran at full native resolution with all the b…

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