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Bluetooth iPod, where art thou?

Filed under: Apple, Electronics, Personal — Jared @ 2:27 pm

Talking to Matt today, I was thinking about what I want in my next iPod. I'm currently the proud owner of a 3rd Gen 20gb iPod. It has way more space than I need for music, although I keep putting more and more podcasts on it. The current Video iPods are nice, and the Nano is a very nice size, but they are both missing one key feature: Bluetooth.

As Matt suggested to me, I'm not sure Bluetooth is ideal. I haven't used it myself, but apparently device pairing sucks. To explain what I want, I am going to ignore this; as far as I'm concerned, Apple should either figure out how to make it work, or invent their own AppleTooth.

I want a iPod with built-in Bluetooth. This link should allow not only stereo sound transmission, but also allow for play/pause/skip/volume control by the paired device. This would allow me to wear my headphones, and hide the iPod in my pocket. This I don't think is too complicated.

My requirements are slightly more complicated, however. I also want a seperate bluetooth audio transmitter, that I can plug into the CV machines at the gym via a mini-audio plug (I know, it'd be able to plug into any device, but that is why I want this). Through some magic, when I have this transmitter plugged in and turned on, the headphones listen to it, and not to the iPod.

Oh, but wait, there's more. I also want to be able to get this hooked into my car stereo. I have a 2006 Honda Civic, and I can get a Music Link adapter to plug my iPod straight into it for charging/playback/stereo control of my iPod (even with the controls on the steering wheel ^_^). This is good, but I want one better. I either want a bluetooth version of this link, or just as good, I want a reciever for the iPod that I can hook into the dock cable for this adapter.

I know, this is kinda crazy. I'm aware it's not going to happen anytime soon, if it happens at all (I'd bet on the latter). But I can dream. And I can't help but think that there are other people out there that would love a similar setup. Oh well, here's to hoping.


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