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Phosphate Detection

Filed under: Assays, Biochemistry, Work — Jared @ 11:30 am

A few of the assays I do regularly involve detecting Phosphate production. The worst one I’m dealing with is an ATPase which has a low turnover rate, producing very little phosphate. This makes getting accurate readings tough, and getting quantitative results impossible.

The assays both use a phosphate-molybdate reaction, measured by a colorimetric reaction. The really troublesome one uses Malachite Green as an indicator. I can overcome both problems if we buy a plate reader because I could just do everything in triplicate, but that is in the mid-future; we’ll have to buy one eventually, but it’s too expensive for now.

Anyone got a good assay for Phosphate levels? Preferably something not requiring radioactive nucleotides or TLC (we don’t have the equipment to do TLC, and some people I’ve contacted already said that’s not accurate anyway).



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  2. have a look at PiColorlock from innova biosciences. it is specially formulated to work with atp substrate.

    Comment by Nick — 06/09/24 @ 12:35 pm

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