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Well, I have continually resisted this whole blogging thing, and I’m not sure I’ll keep up with it. But, well, everyone else is doing it, and I’m a sheep. Like half of the other blogs on the planet, I’m more than likely going to spend most of my time linking to other blogs and saying things like “wtf?” about them. But there also might be some new thoughts, all my own. We’ll see.

I tried keeping a journal once, and that lasted about a week. I don’t feel the need to bare my soul; I’m too boring for that. I will more than likely spend most of my time bitching about politics and stupid tech like DRM, or prasing some shiny piece of new tech that I lust after. It’s boring, but it’s what interests me.

I’ll probably also talk a little bit about my work, although in very vauge terms. I don’t want my ideas to become linked to my company, as I don’t represent them. About all I’ll say is that we’re focused on Molecular Biology tech. Nuff said.

Well, maybe I’ll keep up with this. If I do, hurrah! If anyone reads it, I’ll be surprised. If anyone other than a friend or two reads it, I’ll probably die of a heart attack. Either way, welcome.


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